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.... I Love Luccy
My name is Lucy.... I am 24 years old my birthday is on September 11 I am from CALIFORNIA <3 and
I love animals, i love to to go out with my boyfriend, love my family , I love to help others and be their to cheer everyone up

made a new blog about love >>> http://wenluvtakesover.tumblr.com/

I follow back all my followers and I post anything that I like I dont have a specific style of posts


{ Feelings } x Md Reda Photography

At 16 you left home, at 17 you stood in front of a film camera, at 19 you bought an apartment, at 20 you tied the knot for the first time, at 24 for the second time and at 26 you adopted your first child. What’s the rush? 
You’re right, I was in a damn hurry. My driving force was that I only believed in today and was full of panic to live my life only just half. My grandmother and my mother died early. That’s why I’ve never believed that there could be fairy tales, happy endings and a perfect family in my life. I have to work on being able to take a deep breath and to enjoy my life. Because I know how abruptly life can be over I’m always thinking at the end of the day, that I haven’t done enough. I simply can’t let go of this feeling of urgency. - Angelina Jolie.

Some people might feel sorry for themselves in this situation
Puppy don’t care
Puppy’s got stuff to do
Puppy’s got places to be
Puppy’s got people to bark at and things to sniff.
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